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Life & Craft Workshop Day 1 Recap

The Ranch Social

Nov 14, 2017 / Life & Craft Workshop

Last night was the first night of our Life and Craft Workshop, and since we hadn't hosted a workshop in over a year, we had plenty of time to design and create and entirely new welcome experience for our attendees!

In years past, our workshop has always kicked off with a gorgeous welcome dinner. We pull out all the stops, work with some of Houston's absolute finest creatives and chefs, and create over the top fancy dinners that are served alfresco under the twinkle of bistro lights in our yard. The fancy table gives our attendees beautiful things to photograph right out of the gate, but sometimes, it felt like the welcome dinner was a hectic start for our attendees (arriving and immediately starting to shoot and then, sitting down for a multi course meal at the fanciest table most of us have ever sat at) instead of the more relaxed 'hanging out and getting to know each other' vibe we wanted to create.

While these dinners have been a huge hit and certainly a major wow factor to start off the workshop, we decided to retire the fancy welcome dinners and create a completely new workshop welcome experience! Anyone can have a fancy dinner and set a beautiful table, but since we live on a ranch, we knew we could create something special that no other workshop could offer them! 

So our new welcome experience, The Life & Craft Ranch Social was born! Yesterday evening, we picked up our attendees at the headquarters hotel and took the 15 minute drive to the ranch. Once we arrived, we loaded onto the back of a trailer, grabbed an ice cold Shiner Bock out of the cooler, and went for a golden hour tour of the cattle ranch that we live on. Since our family's favorite thing to do is ride around the ranch in the evenings, we loved showing the attendees a little glimpse of what life is like for us most days. 

There were lots of cows, cows and calves, and cows soon to have calves to see. We proudly showed off some of the giant live oak trees that pepper the landscape of our little corner of the Texas Gulf Coast. Since we take all of our engagement and bridal portraits on the ranch, too, we got to point out a few of our favorite picture taking spots. 

We finished up with a special date with a dapper gentlemen, Mr. V8 274/7, who's name is George. He is the friendliest Brahman bull ever, and he loved getting pet and loved on by the attendees. Eventually, George laid down for his favorite activity, belly rubs and posing for photos. 

Championship barbecue cookers S&P Barbecue brought their food truck and served us all some of (Cat's favorite!) the best Texas barbecue around. Ribs that fell off the bone and juicy beef brisket - all sliced fresh to order.

If Day 1 was any indicator of what's to expect for the next couple of days, I know this workshop is going to be something very special.

Stay tuned for the next recap where we will get to unveil our brand new workshop space!

We just announced our next workshop dates - April 9 - 11, 2018. If you'd like more info on our workshops or would like to reserve your seat, visit our website

Learning & Communication,

Luke & Cat

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