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Love & Coffee #1

A list of this week’s ‘loves’ made over Monday morning coffee

Oct 23, 2017 / Our Life

Besides being the signature to Luke’s email, this blog series features the things we’re loving as we start each Monday morning with gratitude and coffee!

Here’s what we’re discussing over our morning coffee on this week!

  • Knox is 4 months old! Our son has been with us now for 1/3 of a year! Where does the time go? This morning we were up early for his 4 month checkup, where he continues to get good reports! We’re raising a tall one… in the 75th percentile for height! We’re still waiting on that first real laugh, which could happen any day now!
  • And…. Knox can finally sit in his Bumbo chair and look us in the eye while we have our morning coffee! 
  • Instagram grid prep. I finally decided to dedicate some significant time to planning out my feed and trying to make it look more visually cohesive. This included carefully curating the portfolio images that I share and making sure that the personal photos of our life (my favorite things to share on Instagram) that I post fit in well with them. I’ve had to take some new photos (of myself, of Knox, of wedding details, etc.) but I am really excited about how everything is working out. Planoly has become my new best friend and has made planning out my grid so much easier!
  • New styling stuff! We just added several styling boards and ring boxes to our ‘stash,’ to get ready for our workshop. We wanted our attendees to have great things to practice with, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t super excited to play with them myself this week and take some new detail photos for… what else… my Instagram!
  • The Walking Dead return. Is anyone else still watching that show, or just us? The premiere was pretty good in our opinion, but how in the heck does Negan still make it out alive after all of that?
  • Is cold weather here for good? The first cold front was a few weeks ago, but it got hot once again. This time, it looks like cool mornings may be here to stay. We’ll be working with the screen doors open just as long as we can.
  • Our own family photos are this week! Becka from our sister company (Our Little Ranch Photography) is taking our first ever family photos on the ranch tomorrow. The number of outfits we ordered and returned to choose the right combo has been quite entertaining!
  • The sounds of the week. We’re still finalizing our Spotify playlist for this month, but so far, we’re throwing it back to 2011 and listening to Bon Iver’s self titled album on the turntable. 

Love & Coffee, (See you next week!)

Luke & Cat

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