Emily : I wear lashes every day. I agree with everything Kodi said, it's good advice! I would add for everyday wear remove lashes at night and use tweezers to remove extra glue. Swipe a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol over back of lashes to remove bacteria. They will last about 4 days. Mar 18, 2013 at 8:08PM
Kodi : I buy both Salon Perfect and Ardell strip lashes from WalMart and put them on using the waterproof LashGrip glue I got with one of them the first time I bought lashes. One tube lasts FOREVER. I do my eyes completely, even putting a light layer of mascara on and curling my lashes. I squeeze a little lash glue onto a kleenx, dip the end of a bobby pin in it and line the base of the fake lashes with it and set my phone timer for 2 minutes, because the 30 seconds it says is never enough. When it beeps I close my eye and work the lashes into my real lash line...close both of my eyes and let it settle for maybe 15 seconds and then move on to the next eye. After they've both been on for a good two minutes I'll do one more light mascara swipe to blend it all together. Maybe an 8 minute process all together? That may have been more info than you're looking for...but that's what I do! You should post about lashes when you find some you love! Mar 18, 2013 at 1:15PM