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Jan 23, 2013 / Our Life
If you are a photographer, this season of the year can be one of ideas and dreams. If you're anything like us, you're also trying to look ahead and map out where you want to be in 12 months down the road.

So, for us, we're right smack dab in both the busiest AND the slowest part of our year.

It's busy because many couples got engaged over the holidays and are reaching out to us, wanting to chat it up about the possibility of us shooting their wedding. The fact that brides even consider us is such an honor, and makes us smile from ear to ear. They may not realize it, but their business is a blessing that allows us to live our dreams and the life that we want.

It is also a slow time, because like most wedding photographers, December and January are slower parts of the year, just because not very many people want to get married in the cold days of winter :) This allows us to have a few free Saturdays (Hello DVR Catchup!) and also gives us some time to set goals, refocus, and get ready to conquer the upcoming months!

One of the things that we have always done is set an education budget each year that allows us to learn from other photographers or business people. I would say that investing in our business in the form of education has been the biggest key to our success. And as photographers, with the plethora of information available out there, we've always felt that we couldn't afford NOT to keep learning.

Flashback to 2011. We took the journey to Nashville, Tennessee for a business/photography one-on-one mentorship with fellow husband and wife wedding photographers Zach and Jody Gray. It started as a mentorship, but two years later, has turned in to a friendship that we treasure. Though now our relationship is more than teacher-student, every time we are around our friends Z&J we learn something new. It could just be a different way of thinking of something, a new Lightroom trick, or a new strategy in our favorite board game, Blokus.

So that's the backstory. Here's the point! :)

Zach & Jody are featured speakers of the Joy of Marketing reFOCUS event, a live FREE broadcast for photographers. They will be speaking about 3 steps to bigger sales. This event is tomorrow, January 24th, and if you have the time you should sit in and get ready to be enlightened.

In addition to the free broadcast, you can purchase additional info that compliments Z&J's segment. Here's the exciting news... Zach and Jody invited US to be a part of this! If you purchase the add-on to their component, you get lots of bonus content, one of which is a 10 minute video of us speaking about how important it is to treat your clients how you would like to be treated. We go over three different points that we feel have made our customers happy (which they so deserve!) and, in turn, blessed our business with tremendous growth and our life with the freedom to live our dreams.

So, we hope you'll tune in to hear Zach & Jody's broadcast, and if your 'education budget' allows it, invest in the bonus content and watch our 10 minute video!
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