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Megan's Bridals :: Film

Mar 12, 2013 / Bridals, Film
Now that Megan and James' wedding has came and went, it's time for you to oooh-and-aaaah over how beautiful of a bride Megan was.

We had an incredible time with Megan and her tagalongs (her aunt and her mother-in-law) shooting her bridals. The images we're showing today were all shot on film, which was so much fun. Megan, you are beautiful!
Elegant bride looking over shoulder with pink and white bouquet and waterfall braided hair.

Closeup bridal portrait of bride with blonde hair and a waterfall braid.

Profile of Aggie bride in wedding gown with beaded belt, white and pink bouquet.

Bride with brown eyeshadow and natural wedding day makeup and hair.

Wedding bouquet with white and pink roses being held by the bride.

Sassy bride looks to the side with her hand on her hip.

Bride twirls in her wedding dress

Bride holding her dress and walking away in the golden sunlight.

Full length bridal portait by cedar tree with veil blowing in the wind.

Closeup of wedding veil and the back of the bride's hair.

Megan gave a framed copy of this portrait to her father as a gift. How special!
Bride holding sign

Fuji 400H on Contax 645 with Zeiss Planar 80mm f2 lens, developed and scanned by Richards Photo Lab
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