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Makeup Mondays #7 :: Taking It All Off, Part 1

Mar 4, 2013 / Makeup Mondays
I used to sleep in my makeup every night. It didn't bother me and my skin didn't get angry. The only negative side effect was mascara on my pillowcases.

But, as time has gone on, I realize that the more makeup you wear, the less comfortable it is to sleep in.

I have to share my favorite eye makeup remover ever! This drugstore buy was recommended to me by my dermatologist and I can't rave about it enough! You simply *must* head to a Walgreens and grab a jar of this stuff: Albolene!

I have tried all kinds of ways to remove my makeup, most recently using these makeup wipes. Aside from taking FOREVER to get all the makeup off, the problem was, it felt like all I was doing was wiping, wiping, wiping this somewhat abrasive towelette on my face, and I just didn't like it. This past winter, turns out my eyelids didn't like it either and the skin right under my eyes revolted and got very dry.

Enter the dermatologist. Enter Albolene. Yippee!

When you open this jar (it only comes in a jar, so that's kinda old school in itself) you'll be looking a clear goop that resembles the consistency of Vaseline. As strange as it is, you take a little on your fingertips, close your eye, and rub it right on your eye makeup. It feels strange at first, and you won't be certain how this is going to work, but eventually you'll see that this goopy stuff is breaking down all of your eye makeup. The clear goop turns grey (hello mascara removal) and then...

Here's the really strange part...

You TISSUE this off. You don't even have to wash it! Your skin will feel really smooth and happy.

Enjoy! :)
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