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Makeup Mondays #9 :: Vegas

Mar 18, 2013 / Makeup Mondays
A Vegas tradition for me is going to get my makeup done professionally. I love makeup and I do like doing my own makeup, but there's something so fun about letting someone do it who is a professional.

This past week we were in Las Vegas for WPPI (huge photography convention) and we got an invitation to a exclusive little get together that our album company was putting on in their 30th floor suite at the MGM Grand. The invitation said "dress smartly" so to me, this seemed like as perfect of a time as any to get my makeup done!

I had planned to have the makeup artist do a smoky eye and wear a nude lipstick. Because I *know* when you do a strong eye, you need to do a nude lip.

Earlier that day, I was walking around the tradeshow and someone came up to me and said, "Cat! Where's the hot pink lipstick?! I almost didn't know it was you."

At that moment I realized that I think the Dior Fuchsia Star Lipstick is going to have to be a permanent thing for me. We were walking with our friend Millie at that time and I stopped, wiped off my nude lipstick, and put the fuschia star back on. As Millie watched, I finished putting it on and then much to her horror turned on her and said, "Now you!" That was a funny moment of the day.

So anyway... the makeup artist that I worked with was the one at our hotel, Aria. This is the second time I've had my makeup done here and my experience this year was better than the previous time. Yippee!

I brought some ideas from my Pinterest makeup board, and from that we made a plan for my night on the town.

We chose to do a really strong smoky eye and because browns look so good on me, she 'smoked it out' (her term, not mine) with browns instead of grey. Sometimes a smoky eye done with grey ends up looking bluish on me.

I *love* fake eyelashes and wish that I could wear them in my everyday life. Does anyone have any success with that? PLEASE share your tips (brands, where you buy, glue) in the comments if you do.

Side note: I know that I am not wearing fuchsia star lipstick in this picture. When I got back to the room after getting my makeup done I wanted to see what red would look like, and that's what I had on in this picture. For the night on the town I definitely switched to ol' reliable. :)
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