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Alex and Maury

Mar 27, 2013 / Engagements
Alex and Maury were our first engagement shoot of the spring (and by spring, I mean the grass is getting greener and the trees are getting a few leaves on them, FINALLY!)

We met up with them on a perfect springtime evening and had the time of our lives. As they pulled into our driveway, we walked out to meet them and say hello. Little did we know that we were meeting some FANTASTIC people! As Alex and Maury pulled their outfits out of their truck, I was aimlessly visiting with them and then I stopped. I saw it.

A brown bag. THE brown bag. The one I would know anywhere...

In a perfect little thin script font, it said "Sprinkles" on it.

These two had done it. They had brought me (I mean US) Sprinkles Cupcakes. My favorite. My love language.

After the initial shock wore off, we stowed the cupcakes away in our kitchen and went off to start photographing these two. Little did we know this couple would be so much fun to photograph! Alex and Maury, you made our job so much fun that day!

Alex, you are a knockout! I think you might need to do a guest post on Makeup Monday someday!

As the sun set and evening rolled in, Maury spread a quilt that they had brought with them and they sat down to bask in the evening sun. It was perfect.

The tattoo is for Maury, and it says, "always."

We are so incredibly excited for their wedding later this year. We had a wonderful time with you guys. Even had you not brought us the Sprinkles, you would still be way up on our list of faves! Thanks for a super fun evening!

Alex and Maury's wedding day images will be coming later this year. Sign up now to pre-register (and get a special little credit!) to view their images so you don't miss this couple's special day!
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