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Makeup Mondays #11 :: Brows

Apr 1, 2013 / Makeup Mondays
If you're like me, eyebrows are pretty intimidating. I'd see people with incredible brows, and think... well, they are lucky, but that's just out of my control.

I knew the makeup counters sold eyebrow pencils, but I had this mental picture of what I thought a penciled in eyebrow would look like. If you want to see what I was thinking, just Google "bad penciled in eyebrows."

No thank you!

But I was curious. My hairdresser is one of those people who has perfectly beautiful eyebrows, and she had told me before that 'doing her eyebrows' was something she could not do without. I was still skeptical.

This all changed last year when we were in Vegas for WPPI. We were at the Fashion Show Mall in Vegas at the Chanel makeup counter of Saks. I needed a refill of something from there. While I was waiting, I noticed that the person who was checking me out had perfect brows. I swallowed my pride and fear and tentatively asked her, "Do you think I should be penciling in my eyebrows?"

She said an enthusiastic YES. At first I thought it was just a sales pitch to sell me a $50 Chanel Eyebrow Pencil, but then she said, "And actually, let me tell you a secret. Go over and buy the thin one from Clinique. It's cheaper and better."

So this is what I bought:

I went right back over and got a 'tutorial' from that same lady who told me about it. This pencil is SUPER thin so it is so forgiving. I wear the lightest shade, and then I use a toothbrush (hey, it works) to brush over my brows when I'm done and blend it in. This eyebrow pencil is so thin, I think anyone can give it a try. And it's a bargain too :)

If you still aren't sure where to start with your eyebrows, I have another tip to share. While I was in Vegas this year and got my makeup done, the makeup artist used these handy dandy little eyebrow stencils to do my brows.

She laid this stencil on my eyebrows and filled in. For me, she used the petite arch and it looked pretty close to how I try to do my eyebrows on my own.

If you aren't doing your eyebrows, give it a try! It's easier than you think! Trust me. :)
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