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Brad and Chyla on Film in Vegas!

Apr 5, 2013 / Engagements, Film
When we were in Vegas for WPPI we had the pleasure of 'traveling with' our good friends and fellow wedding photographers Brad and Chyla. We first got better acquainted with these two last year when they came to Texas for a mentorship with us. So that might be the beginning, but as time went on, these two have come to be some of our best friends.

We were so excited about WPPI and all of the fun times we would have with our long-distance (you see, B&C live in Nebraska, but are about to relocate to Des Moines) friends. One day, Brad and Chyla got all gussied up and we walked around Las Vegas shooting their pictures on film. It was a blast!

As they relocate their family and their business to Des Moines, they now have a brand new set of photos to decorate their home with.Yippee!

Our hotel, Aria, has this incredible waterfall wall. it was our first choice for their pictures and we love the way they turned out.

One of our faves for sure! These guys and their smiles, it tells the story of their lives!


Just two lovebirds walking down the sidewalk.

This was our second time to photograph these two, and it's safe to say, Brad and Chyla are a dream to photograph. I am pretty sure we are getting an album of these for our own house just because we love them so much.

Fuji 400H and Kodak Porta 400 on Contax 645 with Zeiss Planar 80mm f2 lens, developed and scanned by Indie Film Lab
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