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Makeup Mondays #17 :: Eyeshadow for Pictures

Jun 17, 2013 / Makeup Mondays
As you may have read or seen on Facebook, in April we traveled to North Carolina to visit our good friend Millie Holloman. We spent a week on the NC coast (which was perfect) and also had our portraits taken by Millie. I believe Millie is one of the best photographers in the USA, so of course, when it was time for her to take our portraits, I definitely wanted to make sure I looked good. I asked Millie for recommendations on a makeup artist in Wilmington to do my makeup for the pictures, and she hooked me up with a great person who fixed me up.

When the makeup artist arrived at our beach house, we sat and talked about what I wanted. She said, "I'm sure you can show me something on Pinterest." But it wasn't on Pinterest that I found the makeup idea that I wanted... it was from one of our past brides, the lovely Megan, who was married last August.

I know that on the day of the wedding, I kept raving about how beautiful her makeup was. It was natural and timeless, but the purple eyeshadows still gave it a little spunk and personality. Megan and I also have similar skintones, so I thought this would look good on me too for our pictures.

I don't have any eyeshadows in my kit that would recreate this look, but I am eyeing this 5-color set in Stylish Move 970 from Sephora as a potential at-home solution. It might be sitting in my online shopping cart at this very moment.

I can't wait to share some of our images from our shoot with Millie. In the meantime, admire how gorgeous this bride was!
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