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Smell Good Stuff

Aug 26, 2013 / Our Life, Makeup Mondays
Fragrance is right up there with makeup for me, in terms of 'loves.'

I wanted to share some of my favorites with you! :)

My number one favorite for the past few years is Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb. It's bright, floral, and long wearing. I fell in love with this perfume the first time it was offered to me as a sample several years ago. I went through 2 bottles, then decided to try something else for a while. After I was done with that bottle, it was back to Flowerbomb for me. I think this is a lifelong kind of thing for me!
The perfume I mentioned above that I tried in between going back to Flowerbomb was Jimmy Choo by Jimmy Choo. It smells similar to Flowerbomb but a little less strong. It's a great perfume too!

I feel like I should also mention the first perfume that I ever fell in love with, Narciso Rodriguez For Her. Even though I don't wear this perfume nowadays, occasionally I will pass someone and get a whiff of the fragrance and my heart aches a little for it.

In other news, super-fun congratulations go out to Rachel McCloud for winning Friday's blog giveaway of the gold foil print. Yippee!
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