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Houston Ranch Wedding: Milly and Stephen

Sep 22, 2014 / Weddings, Film

For Milly and Stephen, wedded bliss began on the peak of High Hill Ranch, where they exchanged their vows in front of guests and against a backdrop of lush, green valleys. Stunning natural features were the centerpiece of this wedding, including lush pastel florals perched atop deer skulls bleached by the sun's rays and a bridal peacock in all-white feathered couture designed by Mother Nature. These flirty feminine touches were anchored by the groom's insistence on party entertainment that was pure Wild West: cornhole, whisky cocktails and hand-rolled cigars with a custom labels sporting the couple's custom wedding logo - two H's that represented their last names and the High Hill Ranch. From the bride's turquoise cowgirl boots to the hot pink peonies nestled in vintage blue mason jars, this wedding is the perfect combination of down home fun and finery.

As we mentioned on our blog last week, this wedding was featured on The Knot!

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