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Weekend Snapshot

Lean In Close

Feb 23, 2018 / Weekend Snapshot

ABOUT THE WEEKEND SNAPSHOT SERIES: It’s our weekend ritual. Every Friday before shooting a wedding, we spend a few hours feasting on inspiration: glossy magazine spreads, favorite Instagram feeds, wedding site editorials, ads for luxury brands, Sprinkles’ cupcake window displays…. It ensures we arrive at every wedding fueled by fresh ideas. Now, we’re bringing a delicious bite of inspiration to you. Start your wedding weekend with a Luke & Cat Weekend Snapshot. The icing on the cake? The hands-on, how-to advice that accompanies each photo. Sweet! View others in this series here.

Lean In Close

Replicating this casual-but-cuddly shot of the bridal party might feel awkward for your brides, but it looks great! Today’s Weekend Snapshot tip is get those girls to lean in!

Ask the bridesmaids to hold their bouquets straight down and lean in as close to each other as possible. The girls on the each end are always nervous that their rear ends are sticking out, but we just tell them, “Feels awkward, looks great!” And the resulting giggles lead to some great photos.

Lean In Close & Capture Their Tribe,

Luke & Cat

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