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Spring Engagement Photos

Outfit Inspiration

Mar 13, 2018 /

When photographing our engaged couples, our ultimate goal is to capture their love for one another, while also keeping it timeless and romantic. We tell our couples to dress in their best and to stick to one outfit that they love. But deciding on an outfit that you feel your best in can be tough. Ladies, a dress layered with the perfect accessories looks great. Guys, a fitted button down ties the whole look together nicely. You may even add a sports coat if you're up for it! So to give a little fashion inspiration, here are some of our favorite spring engagement outfits that looked and photographed beautifully, but also had our couples feeling confident. We loved Sarah and Jana's dresses because they have the long, flowy, feminine appeal that had them gracing the ranch with confidence. Both Troy and Garrett finished their outfit with a sports coat that added that extra pop. 

Sarah's long, flowy, gold dress was a photographer's dream. The warm gold tones of her dress with her skin tone, along with Garrett's simple yet fancy sports coat gave it that extra touch. If you like this dress, here is a similar style that would work well for photos. 

Jana's blush dress fit her perfectly! The elegance of the length and the slit on the side along with Troy's tailored sports coat was the perfect duo on the ranch that evening. If you are in love with this pink gem, here is a similar dress from Rent the Runway that would photograph beautifully. 

A lady in red! Madelyn's gorgeous, flowy, red dress had the most beautiful crisscross detail in the back, and it was an absolute stunner on the ranch. The outfits came together well as John had on a simple white button down with a sports coat on top. What can we say, we love those added sports coats. If you love Madelyn's dress as much as we did, here is a similar style.  

Long Flowy Perfection & Classic Love,

Luke & Cat

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