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Megan and Preston :: Briscoe Manor Wedding Photographer

Aug 16, 2012 / Weddings

What a fairy tale day!

It was a warm and sunshine-y afternoon in late summer, and Megan and Preston met up with their friends and family to be married. As we pulled through the gates at a venue that is very special to us (Briscoe Manor is where we got married) Luke and I both commented that it was certainly a beautiful day to get married.

Briscoe Manor Entrance

I'll never tire of the majestic Texas Longhorns that greet you as you drive down the lane to Briscoe.
Briscoe Manor Longhorns

8-4... their wedding date!

Megan's father crafted this unique way to give the favors to the guests. An antique wooden door was fashioned with hooks, numbered by table, and hung with the favors. One of my favorite parts of weddings is when families come together to make a day personal to the couple. Megan had told me about this neat idea before the wedding, and I was so excited to see it come together so elegantly.

Briscoe Manor Cash Register Rings

A quiet reminder outside the bridal suite reminds us: the reason we were at Briscoe that day, the reason why Luke and I were at Briscoe several years ago, and heck, the reason why we have our business little business of ours....

In what's becoming one of my favorite parts of wedding days, Megan and Preston took some time early in the day to exchange gifts with one another.

By the way, these are the first glances we're showing you of Megan. Is she radiant, or what? True happiness like this is one of my favorite things in the whole world to photograph.

This was one of Megan's gifts - a paparazzi style shot that Preston had taken while he was proposing to her.

Preston's gifts were hand-picked by Megan and included an antique compass (how cool?) and cufflinks.

Briscoe Manor's chapel was decked out. These arrangements featured lots of wonderful purple flowers. Especially notice the iris, placed in the arrangements as a tribute to Preston's mother. They were her favorite flower!

Laughs with mom...

... as an admiring dad watches on. Lindsey Connally assisted us at this wedding, and snagged this wonderful moment. Thanks, Lindsey!

What a lovely bride!

Briscoe's new bridal suite and courtyard is a lovely place for portraits!

While the music played and the guests were seated, Megan's dad helped her make some last minute adjustments.

Preston's Super Mario Brothers grooms cake! We all were so jealous. This made me want to get out my old school Game Boy (you know the one, it was NOT in color) and play.

Right around sunset, we got to go outside with the couple and take some portraits. The sky was too gorgeous to not photograph.

Handy groom you got there, Megan! Preston is such a fun guy.

Megan and Preston, thank you so much for letting us be a part of your day! We have had an amazing time with you guys, too many laughs to count, and plenty of memories. We can't wait to see where life takes you all!

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