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The Workshop Why

About 5 months ago, I was sitting in Vegas in our hotel room about to head out to breakfast with Luke during WPPI, the annual conference for wedding and portrait photographers. I was scrolling through Instagram and immediately felt a weight on my shoulders.  Looking down at my Aggie t-shirt, blue jeans, and Nike Frees, I felt like an outcast amongst the cliques, the fancy outfits, and the cool kids club.

This reminded me of the very first time we went to WPPI, many years earlier. When we stepped off the elevators, everyone in the lobby would turn and look to see if it was someone worth talking to, and if they weren't (I'll give you a hint - we weren't) they went back to talking to each other.

This is a feeling that I thought would go away, but 5 years later, it hurt, just the same.

In that moment, I knew that I wanted something different for us.

For some, speaking at WPPI or having dinners and toasts with a superstar posse is the brass ring. And that's not to say those things aren't fantastic, fun, or something to be proud of. But... here's the deal: I want more. Not just for myself, but for our industry.

Our industry deserves leaders that are genuinely passionate about helping others build great businesses, take better photos, or get the confidence they need to have the life they want. Because let's face it - our businesses all exist so that we can have the life that we want. We've seen some who seem more passionate about Instagram followers and notoriety, and that saddens us. We believe our industry deserves better. 

We came home fired up. Our own business coach had us write 20 ways OUR workshop would be different than the norm.

We wrote things that were raw and unfiltered, like "1) We will not act like we are perfect" or "3) We will come from a genuine place of loving photography and loving our clients, not from a place of tricking people into spending money." 

We also wrote things that were elegant, like "7) We will have time for community and collaboration, sharing stories and meals, realizing we can all learn from each other."

For over a year we've been making plans and laying the groundwork for something big for photographers. We've been sharing great content on our blog, sending out newsletters about having the right mindset, and doing lots of one-on-one coaching calls helping people build the business to support the life they really want. 

And now, it's all come full circle.

We're so proud to debut an entire new way of 'being' that we know this industry needs. The culmination of years in this business and months of planning have led to this moment, and we're excited to share the new Life & Craft Workshop with you! Visit www.lifeandcraftworkshop.com to learn more!

Leaving Cliques Behind & Creating An Authentic Community,

Luke & Cat

We love to teach photographers how to hone technique, artistry and business acumen to create a life that improves your craft, and a business that supports your life. For a fast track to your authentic Life & Craft, check out more about our workshops we host on our cattle ranch in Texas.

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