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Farmhouse Grace: Life & Craft Welcome Dinner

One of my favorite parts of our Life and Craft Workshops is the welcome dinner, served outdoors at our home. For this dinner, designer Catherine Duffin of Two Be Wed created a magical editorial and real life dinner around the idea of Farmhouse Grace. 

From Catherine Duffin of Two Be Wed:

The phrase “farmhouse inspired” often conjures up visions of weather worn furniture, mason jars, and chicken wire baskets—all meant to reflect the practicality required in farm life. For this shoot, however, we wanted to capture a different side of farm life, because behind the long days and difficult tasks that require durability and strength there is an underlying gracefulness that holds the farm together. The intricate planning required to complete each day’s chores, the fragility of new life and the gentleness of the farmer's strong hand in caring for it, the changing of the seasons, and the soft breeze that cools the land after the long dance of the day’s tasks has finished. Reflected in the delicate tablescape and soft color palette, this is Farmhouse Grace come to life.  

For more information on our workshops or to join our waiting list for our upcoming September 2016 workshop, visit our workshop website.

Long Days & Caring Hands (all make the ranch go round!),

Luke & Cat

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