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Life & Craft Workshop Day 2 Recap

Photography & Business

Nov 15, 2017 / Life & Craft Workshop

We started out our first full day of the workshop with a drive through the ranch and we were so thrilled to pull up and introduce them to our brand new workshop space, The Lodge.

Originally used as the Girl Scouts Lodge in the tiny town of Newgulf, Texas, Cat's parents purchased and moved it onto the ranch many years ago. We are so thankful to have it as a space that we can use for a 'new version' of it's original purpose: learning and community.

First up was the individual headshots of all of the attendees, but afterwards, we all settled in with coffee in our cups and minds primed and ready for learning. 

Luke and I spent the morning talking about all things shooting, from the gear we use (and the gear we don't) to exactly how we shoot and expose. We then got to wow the attendees (I saw lots of shocked faces) when we told them we don't use any off-camera flash. We showed them many of our "looks like OCF" images and exactly how we're able to produce those well-lit reception images that fit right in with our natural light images.

After a wonderful home-cooked lunch by our 'Chef de Cuisine' (Luke's mom!) we got back to work - this time teaching about building a brand, the differences between a brand and branding, communicating with clients, and publication. 

We finished up with one of my favorite parts of the workshop - websites, blogging, and social media. We went page by page through our website and explained the buyer behavior that led us to design and present our portfolio and pricing on our website as we do.

As golden hour approached, we headed out to our favorite picture spot (gorgeous sun and mossy trees!) for a real engagement session. While today's shoot focuses on shooting details like you would a normal wedding, yesterday's engagement session really focused on how we interact with our couples to create an experience they won't soon forget (and one that leaves them bragging about us to all of their friends!) during their photos. 

After the shoot, we came back to The Lodge for dinner while Luke showed off his culling, editing, and workflow tips and tricks that allow him to edit a wedding in 2 hours flat.

On the agenda today is lots of pricing talk, a lesson in styling by Wendy from Birds of a Feather Events, and finally, our wedding editorial. 

If you'd like more information about our next workshop (scheduled for April 9-11, 2018 and just announced) visit this link. Read the day 1 recap here!

Learning & Community,

Luke & Cat

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