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Love & Coffee #2

A list of this week’s ‘loves’ made over Monday morning coffee

Oct 30, 2017 / Our Life

About this series: Besides being the signature to Luke’s email, this blog series features the things we’re loving as we start each Monday morning with gratitude and coffee!

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Here’s what we’re discussing over our morning coffee on this week!

  • We had our first ever family photos taken this week! Becka (our studio manager here at Luke & Cat and portrait and wedding photographer at our sister company Our Little Ranch Photography) took us out on the ranch and took photos of the 3 of us as well as just me and Luke! We hadn’t had professional photos taken of just the two of us in quite a long time! We are saving the family photos until we send out our Christmas card, but here’s one of the ones of just the two of us!

  • These sticky pecan cinnamon rolls have been both the joy and bane of our existence. I had the idea of ‘jazzing up’ canned cinnamon rolls, which led me to finding this recipe. Four gooey-uncooked attempts later, we finally had a successful run with these! We halved the recipe and cooked it 30 minutes covered and then 10 minutes uncovered.
  • Cat’s family’s cattle ranch hosted an educational summit for cattle ranchers on Friday. We were invited to speak about how ranchers can use photography (both professional and DIY/iPhone) to connect with their customers and help them to sell more cattle. It was an interesting merging of our two worlds, and we loved it! Did you know we live on a working ranch
  • The Astros! We’re officially bandwagon jumpers. Several years ago, we were die hard Astros fans because one of the ranch’s customers was on the team. We went to tons of games to watch him play and had a blast. The past couple of years we’ve kinda been off the Astros fan grid mainly because we were super cheap and cut our TV package way down and didn’t get the channel anymore! But we’re loving watching the World Series and rooting for our hometown team!
  • We about spit our coffee out when we saw that two of our fall editorials from our past Life & Craft Workshops were featured by Southern Living. It's such a treat whenever an older shoot resurfaces with new press. Thank you to Two Be Wed for their work in getting these national features for the Ralph Lauren Ranch and Romanticism Revisited editorials! 
  • We have no heat! We made it through the coldest October night since 1923 (36°) with no heat! The backstory: when Knox was less than 1 week old, we smelled gas in our house. The gas company found a tiny leak under our home, and protocol was to pull the meter and turn off the gas. We thought the only thing that was using the gas was our hot water heater, so we bought an electric hot water heater and never turned the gas back on. Last week, our heater wasn’t working because (surprise!) it is a gas furnace. The gas company stood us up on Friday, leaving us Friday (44°) and Saturday night (36°) with no heat. We had a ceramic space heater going in Knox’s room while Luke and I survived with a fluffy white down comforter on our bed. We’re hoping to get heat today. Until then, I’m working with ear warmers on my head!

Love & Coffee (Buttered Pecan Creamer is everything!)

Luke & Cat

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