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Love & Coffee #4

A list of this week’s ‘loves’ made over Monday morning coffee

Nov 20, 2017 / Our Life

ABOUT THIS SERIES: Besides being the signature to Luke’s email, this blog series features the things we’re loving as we start each Monday morning with gratitude and coffee!

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Here’s what we’re discussing over our morning coffee on this week!

  • Post Workshop Exhaustion Syndrome. We hosted our first workshop in over a year last week, and as anyone who hosts workshops can tell you, PWES is a real thing. Post Workshop Exhaustion Syndrome hit us all hard on Thursday and we're still recovering. We both have colds and sore throats and we're just trying to essential oil our way through it and keep baby Knox from catching the illness! Luke's mom and sister flew down from Indiana to help us put on the workshop, so I think PWES may be sweeping through the midwest as well!
  • Just hear those sleigh bells. We haven't put up our tree yet, but we did decorate our mantle for Christmas over the weekend. One of the best moments of parenthood so far? Hanging Knox's stocking for the first time using Cat's great grandpa's red hammer. 
  • Baby's first laugh. Other people have heard it, but we still haven't gotten to hear that first giggle from Knox. What the heck! We're around him the most of anybody. I guess he just doesn't find his boring ol' parents that funny.
  • Cereal and Carrots and Sweet Potatoes, Oh My! We started Knox on solids this week. So far, we've had cereal and carrots. I did a lot of research on whether we even wanted to feed cereal or not, but we ultimately settled on this oatmeal and Knox loves it! He had his first taste of vegetables this morning with carrots and although the first couple of bites made him make some funny faces, I think they gave him a ton of energy! He was shrieking with delight! In 3 days, we get to add some sweet potatoes to the mix, just in time for Thanksgiving.
  • Thanksgiving Cooking. We'll be hunkering down in the kitchen starting tomorrow to prep dishes for our family Thanksgiving. Luke's the main chef in our house, although I (Cat) am pretty proud of my dessert making skills. We have a few dishes left to be determined, but I'm most looking forward to carb loading on Luke's famous yeast rolls. He also makes a dish that is a staple in his family but something we had never heard of on a holiday table until Luke joined us: chicken and noodles. 


Have a fantastic week!

Love & Coffee,
(In our well-used Anthro chipped L&C mugs this morning!)

Luke & Cat

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