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Luke & Cat's Playlist: September 2017

Sep 21, 2017 / Our Life

We're music buffs around here, albeit with very individual tastes (Cat loves 80s and 90s music, Luke loves Disney, Becka loves Reba, and Knox loves Selena). 

If you're a work-from-home photographer and you're anything like us, you've got music playing all the time. We have an incredible Bluetooth speaker that we absolutely love that sounds like the biggest and best stereo (but it is smaller than our biggest coffee mug). It stays plugged in in the kitchen, and we get to listen to music while we drink our cups of coffee and play with Knox.

We love Spotify, so we'll be sharing a playlist of our favorites! Here's our September 2017 Playlist!


  • Songs for Knox. So many of these songs struck a cord with us because of our new role as parents. You'll probably know them when you hear them.
  • North by Sleeping At Last showed up on Cat's Discover Weekly last month and we fell in love with it. We are working on an art piece for our home with these lyrics.
  • Waves by Dean Lewis was featured on the season finale of one of our favorite TV shows, Suits. If you watch it, you know the scene. #Darvey
  • Champagne High by Sister Hazel because it goes on every playlist we ever make.
  • Against The Wind by Bob Seger to celebrate him being on Spotify, finally!
  • He Lives In You from The Lion King on Broadway, because we're both anxious for a return trip to New York City, this time with Knox!
  • Good Things by the Bodeans... our favorite on the whole list!

Follow along and join us! Hope you enjoy!

Long Breakfasts & Columbian Coffee,
(Don't get too excited, it's Maxwell House!)

Luke & Cat

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